Insurance Company

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

Make no mistake, insurance companies are in the money collection business – not the claims settlement business. Insurance companies pay their lawyers by the minute to try and make sure you get no money or as little money as possible. The insurance company will attempt to contact you immediately and try to take your statement. Don’t let them take your statement without an attorney – the information you give can be used against you. You should not talk to an insurance company before consulting with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

If the insurance company is going to hire their experts, we hire ours. We hire the most experienced and respected medical professionals to analyze injuries and property adjusters to analyze the damages to the bike. We also often retain the accident reconstruction experts who can analyze the scene of the crash and testify about what truly happened.

It is important to consult a Florida personal injury lawyer regarding motorcycle accident injuries to make sure that your legal rights are protected and enforced when necessary. Please contact our personal injury lawyers today for a free case evaluation. Don’t waste any time: statutes of limitations set time limits on your rights to sue.